Boxer's highly qualified teams bring together professional expertise in commercial real estate, leasing, accounting, construction, renting office space, design, and maintenance to build value and provide the highest quality management.

Boxer employees, no matter the role or responsibility, have always been the driving force behind our success. With a business built upon setting, maintaining, and exceeding exceptionally high standards, our employees deliver success across all of our operations by believing in our mission, our culture, and our pursuit of excellence.

–Andrew Segal, Chairman & CEO

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Each role across the Boxer portfolio of interests shares in the success of the organization. Through its use of standardization and professionalism, high attention to detail, and advanced technology for quality control and efficiency, the company has grown to include resorts, restaurants, golf courses, retail outlets, and malls.

Grow with us.

With such varied business interests, it is no surprise that Boxer employs a wide variety of roles requiring different skills, experience, and knowledge. But becoming a Boxer employee is about so much more. It’s about enthusiasm, drive, the will to succeed, and relishing and excelling as part of a team. Once a part of that team, the opportunities to grow, to diversify, and to develop are boundless throughout our businesses.

Be part of something special.

But don’t just take our word for it, listen to stories from our employees about the journeys they have had.

Sandra Palacios, Lead Technician PLAY VIDEO
Mark Fenech, Project Manager PLAY VIDEO
Libby Leal, Property Manager PLAY VIDEO
Jonathan Edwards, Customer Experience Associate PLAY VIDEO
Erika Rodriguez, Marketing Specialist PLAY VIDEO
Kade Thompson, Property Manager PLAY VIDEO

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